Why Scoop MAE®?

We revolutionize how businesses collect data, communicate and run their operations.

One platform to mobilize every process

We empower firms to build, deploy and maintain their own customized apps to simplify business.

If your typical business day sees employees and managers working with a number of fragmented tools, filling the gaps with long email chains, phone calls, documents and paper forms, we want you to know there is a better way.

We recognized and understood the need to simplify business processes. That’s why we built Scoop®.

With one easy-to-use system, turn disconnected processes into mobile, visual analytics-ready apps to simplify recording, increase employee engagement and measure results — No programming required!

Why Scoop works

Scoop empowers business managers to encapsulate business rules, provide mobile-first access, centralize communication and tie in existing tools and data into a cohesive workflow.

Put Operations Managers in Control
Connect Disparate Tools and Data
Engage Employees & Motivate Participation
Improve Business Performance

Scoop’s solutions span many areas of business and many industries. We are the mobile solution you’re looking for to eliminate paperwork and better your business processes.


The Scoop advantage

Longstanding Solutions Provider
Scoop has been in day-to-day use by enterprise customers worldwide since 2012.

Understanding our Customer’s Needs
We have a detailed understanding of specific needs, business rules and practices in our target segments to offer a unique product in a flexible commercial model.

Comprehensive Platform
Scoop is not just a mobile app, but a platform to deliver a complete suite of configurable solutions with a sophisticated cloud-based backend.

Best in Class Technology
Our proprietary architecture for data collection and synchronization, app builder engine, analytics builder engine are built on advanced core technologies.

Experienced Team
Our team has a proven track record in providing simple and robust solutions to complex processes within the private sector and government.

Design Vision
Scoop’s long vision to bring mobile awareness and engagement with a scalable approach motivates every design and development decision.

The all-in-one mobile solution

When you choose to invest in Scoop, you are investing in a custom mobile app platform that combines the key features of electronic forms, enterprise software platforms, personal productivity apps, web collaboration software and vertical software into one intuitive solution.

Scoop’s key features and functions combine:

Field data collection
Data access from anywhere
  Enterprise collaboration
 Issue tracking
 Real-time field data analytics
 Native mobile design
 Workflow configuration

All in one enterprise ready design — no programming needed!

To find out more about how Scoop will work for your business to boost productivity and profitability, fill out the form for your FREE demo today!