Stay Compliant with Mobile Checklists

Stay Compliant with Mobile Checklists
October 27, 2015 scoopmae

Stay Compliant with Mobile Checklists


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All industries have their own compliance regulations that are in place to ensure safe workplaces and practices. The best way to ensure your organization follows these regulations and remains compliant is to streamline your practices. One of the most important tools in staying compliant is to implement mobile checklists to stay organized. They help you systematically ensure that your procedures are clear and effective and can be created in a way that is easy for your employees to access and complete. And because checklists are not all created equally, the ability to easily customize your mobile checklists is essential.

Risk assessment

To ensure your company is effective mitigating workplace risks, use a mobile checklist to aggregate data and keep a digital record that verify that inspections have been completed and all regulations are being followed. Create a digital checklist for each individual task and inspection and easily access reports from secure, cloud-based storage. With real-time reporting, if there is a hazard on a jobsite, issues can be noted immediately and tracked to resolution.

Fast response time

As mentioned above, mobile checklists allow real-time reporting and instant communication to ensure that responses are managed in a timely manner. In the case of an emergency, a checklist that clearly lists the steps to take during an incident can help your employees to respond correctly as well as easily keep record of their response and all pertinent details.


When your company is anticipating a formal inspection from a governing body, ensure all of your processes are up-to-date and running smoothly prior to their arrival. Create mobile checklists that double-check all aspects that the formal inspection will cover. With required fields, you can easily track any issues that may arise and receive additional information with the ability to add notes, photos, videos and voice memos for clarity. It goes without saying that you want your organization to be operating optimally when it comes time for an inspection, and the implementation of mobile checklists will help to stay on top of all aspects. With that in mind, however, we highly recommend that mobile apps are implemented long before an inspection comes up so that your employees have time to train and are familiar with the platform, and not learning as they go.

Eliminate paper

Many new regulations are making it difficult to get by with paper-based processes and hard copy filing. Paper forms take time and require a staff person to manually enter data from handwritten forms. Mobile checklists are easy to create, are always accessible and simplify compliance processes while increasing accountability.

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