Scoop’s Partnership Program

Be the mobile solution your clients are looking for.

Become a Scoop® Partner

Provide a scalable and efficient platform for revenue generation.

The Scoop® MAE partnership program is designed to work with consultants in a variety of verticals to supply their client base with state-of-the-art enterprise mobile business solutions.

As a Certified Scoop Solution provider, you will differentiate your company as the innovative leader in your market with an intuitive platform that will scale with your business and provide new recurring revenue opportunities.

Certified Scoop Solution Provider Benefits


Provide exciting new offers

Create new services or turn existing programs into state-of-the-art new offerings with branded, differentiated mobile enterprise solutions for your clients.


Increase program profits

By packaging your expertise and programs into one suite of apps, you can deploy the same service repeatedly, increasing your efficiency and profitability.


Gain new recurring revenue

As a Certified Scoop Solution Provider, you will see an increase in revenue through new mobile enterprise programs, account configuration and training and partner rebates.


Get the Scoop difference

Powered by best-in-class mobile technology backed by a unique vision, you will have access to a comprehensive, low maintenance mobile solution suite with continuously evolving new features.

Differentiate your business.
Partner with Scoop.

As a Certified Scoop Solution Provider, you aren’t just changing your business, but your clients as well.

Create a new source of revenue and give your clients the mobile solutions they need with Scoop® MAE.

Get in touch with us today to learn how to become a Certified Scoop Solution Provider and start changing the way your clients do business.