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Caledonia: Collaborating, Communicating and Reporting Efficiently with Mobile Apps

A Scoop MAE® Case Study

This case study describes Caledonia’s application of the Scoop technology for field data collection, inspection, reporting and communication. Specifically, it focuses on describing the usage of the platform by Caledonia to eliminate cumbersome paper-based processes and create instant communication to better collaborate from numerous worksites.


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“Scoop® is the enterprise mobility platform that enables our personnel to record high quality data about issues with ease. With the collaborative features we can get everyone on the same page with what’s happening and make them part of the culture of safety, quality and productivity. The dashboards and reporting make it possible to catch hazards and problems and stop them in their tracks before they have a chance to cause downtime or incidents. This is truly a valuable technology for operations and EH&S leaders and their organizations.”

Melvin Thompson, Divisional EHS Mgr, Oldcastle Building Products