Complete control of your shelf strategy..

Monitor promotions, inventory and strategies while promoting employee engagement in one intuitive app.


Share what you see in real time

Effective shelf strategy relies wholly on complete control and knowledge of inventory and sales trends. Access orders, reports and audits in real time from any of your retail locations with Scoop®.

The Scoop platform is intuitively built, making implementation an easy process from head office to field operations.

Be in the know with every aspect of your business

Executing an effective shelf strategy and delivering a rich retail experience to customers starts with reliable up-to-the minute store data. Empower your team to capture and share real-time inspections, audits and reports from any of your retail locations with Scoop®.

Render any of your retail inspection forms as customized mobile apps capable of recording photos, videos and live comments

Allow access to forms, reports and analytics to any necessary team member at any location on-demand

Easy-to-use mobile app encourages employee engagement and awareness and dramatically reduces onboarding and training time for new employees

 Alert the proper team members to issues and achieve fix on-location, right-the-first-time outcomes

Implement, maintain and monitor strategies and promotions

The Scoop platform can keep your retail and distribution company competitive.


Industry leaders are finding new efficiencies in communication, a better flow of data and a stronger connection between workers in the field and in analysis.

Create a culture of open communication and easy access to data, one that will empower the members of your organization to not only excel in their roles, but feel like they are making a contribution.

Book your demo of the Scoop platform today and learn how your company is going to be better for it.