Make the right decision every step of the way.

Stay ahead of the competition with real-time reporting and collaboration.

Real time data is the essence of Renewable Energy

In an industry where data is king, renewable energy organizations are seeking the latest technology to gain an edge on the competition. Improving field data quality and speed, allowing real-time collaboration and accessing powerful analytics is distinguishing the leaders from the rest of the pack in this competitive market.

The Scoop platform harnesses the power of the latest mobile and cloud technologies, delivered via intuitive interfaces to make implementation an easy process from head office to the field.

It is essential to monitor and optimize every aspect of your operation.

Competition among renewable energy leaders is growing as more players enter the market. To stay on top of your game, it is essential to monitor and optimize every aspect of your operation from manufacturing to installation to maintenance. Make the right decisions every step of the way with real-time data communicated with Scoop®.


Paperless reporting puts an end to double data entry, errors or delays associated with paperwork


 Real-time mobile data entry and updating allows reports to reach the right people immediately


 Collaborate with team members efficiently through customized forms and track processes to completion

 Record, communicate, track and report in one easy-to-use application


 Manage your entire team and outstanding issues off site from a central dashboard

The Scoop platform can keep your renewable energy company competitive.


Industry leaders are finding new efficiencies in communication, a better flow of data and a stronger connection between workers in the field and in analysis.

Create a culture of open communication and easy access to data, one that will empower the members of your organization to not only excel in their roles, but feel like they are making a contribution.

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