Our Solution

Scoop automates your workflow process and business intelligence from an easy mobile platform.

Anywhere you are, collect real-time data, connect instantly with team members, and analyze detailed information…all with just a few taps.

Even today’s highest performing companies are at risk from poor process engagement.

Sloppy or incomplete data, manual reporting, non-existent analytics and poor communication threaten to derail the very business processes in place to optimize performance. Field and Facility operators are starved of reliable data and lack the visibility critical to their work. Frontline staff are frustrated by inefficient tools, tedious admin and disconnected procedures. The outcomes include increased risk, increased cost, degraded performance – and a disengaged workforce. Scoop minimizes workplace inefficiencies and optimizes performance anywhere in the workflow.

Scoop minimizes workplace inefficiencies and optimizes performance anywhere in the workflow.


Whether you’re in the field or back at the office, Scoop turns disconnected and paper-based procedures into streamlined and portable Field and Facility-ready apps that simplify real-time data collection and reporting. With no learning curve, Scoop helps eliminate costly lapses in data collection by capturing and sharing accurate information at source.



Scoop helps you conveniently communicate issues directly from the floor, field or office. Multi-media “Show and Tell” features let you quickly capture and share critical issues from a noisy manufacturing floor or remote field arena. Our easy-to-use- mobile platform empowers teams in their everyday work – and its outcomes too.



Scoop delivers powerful analytics grounded in high-quality data, empowering you to set benchmarks, manage risk and set strategy against high-integrity information. Experience the technology that is fundamentally changing Field and Facility workforce processes.