Shrink the gap across remote oil & gas

Gather and communicate essential data in real time, no matter how far away the office is.



Bring the Oil Field and the Office Closer Together

The location of oil  and gas field operations shouldn’t deter effective reporting, task management and safety. Empower your team to gather and communicate real-time data clearly and get organized on any job site with mobile access to all necessary forms and reporting software.

The Scoop platform is intuitively built, making implementation an easy process from head office to field operations.

The best decisions are not made in isolation.

Bring remote oil and gas fields closer to the office with a high fidelity, real-time network through any mobile device. Transform the way you communicate with your team with Scoop®.

Record, communicate, track and report in one easy-to-use application

Standardize processes, reporting and inspections with custom mobile forms

Resolve issues faster with “show & tell” capabilities

Report and prevent incidents or workplace deficiencies

Reduce workload for busy onsite project and facility managers

Manage your entire team and outstanding issues from a central dashboard while off site

Operate without a network connection to record issues and add media and comments and synchronize when a connection is available

The Scoop platform can revolutionize the flow of data in your oil and gas company.


Industry leaders are seeing time and money savings alongside the unprecedented opportunity to be proactive with safety and data communication.

Ensure smooth operations and a more lateral flow of information to keep management on the same page as field operations. It has never been so easy to keep your finger on the pulse of your organization.

Book your demo of the Scoop platform today and learn how your company is going to be better for it.