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  • Enterprises Catch the Mobility Wave with A DIY Approach to Apps

    Nearly 75 percent of mobile subscribers in the U.S. (182 million) now own smartphones, and American adults spend upwards of 4.7 hours on these devices. The stats elsewhere in the world are even more staggering. All of this unprecedented attention represents a uniquely effective channel to reach employees and engage them in solving complex business challenges. With customized mobile apps, employees can bring specialized skills to bear on problems in the field, and organizations can become highly effective, data-driven enterprises. However, specifying and building custom mobile apps can be an expensive and time-consuming proposition. Hiring designers, developers and project managers, app store submissions and ongoing maintenance can be daunting even for larger IT teams.

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  • Interview with Babak Sardary on ScoopMAE

    ScoopMAE provides mobile-first access for global companies to communicate with employees in various locations around the world. This means an employee located in one location can easily communicate with other employee in another location very easily. Theplatform encapsulates business rules and centralized communication with a tie in for existing tools. Moreover, the data create a cohesive workflow from the field to the main office. ScoopMAE has already catched attention of leading companies such as Oldcastle, LG, BC Hydro, and Kinross. These companies have started to leverage the new platform to achieve operation efficiencies and competitive advantage in the Manufacturing, Field Services, Energy & Utilities, Retail and Mining vertical markets.

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  • Quickly-built enterprise mobile apps can bypass IT

    Enterprises have resigned themselves to the reality that employees want to bring their own mobile device to work and that business units are purchasing their own IT to solve business problems. Now they may have to accept that users are going to be building their own mobile apps. Vancouver-based ScoopMAE recently launched its Scoop 4.0 Enterprise Mobility Platform that enables operations personnel to quickly build mobile apps for use by field workers so they can quickly collect data and bring it into a centralized cloud platform.

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  • Build your own app? Vancouver’s Trusterra brings DIY to enterprise market

    Whether it’s counting calories, buying tickets to the movies or checking the weather, consumers are using apps in all aspects of their day-to-day lives. “But when we come to work, we don’t have apps for different processes,” says Babak Sardary. The CEO of Trusterra Technologies believes there’s plenty of room to change that in the enterprise market, where everything from forklift inspections to site reports are still mostly managed on Excel spreadsheets or even paper forms.

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  • Discover ScoopMAE’s new mobile platform and why you need it for your business

    Are you currently familiar with ScoopMAE? If you run a business, you should know all about it! A leader in mobile awareness and engagement (MAE) solutions, ScoopMAE recently announced the launch of a new product—the Scoop®4.0 Enterprise Mobility Platform. With the ability to offer assistance in a wide range of industries, ScoopMAE is a definitely a new type of technology that you may want to consider utilizing to help better structure your company—here’s why!

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