Mobile Awareness and Engagement in Manufacturing

Mobile Awareness and Engagement in Manufacturing
September 3, 2015 scoopmae

Mobile Awareness and Engagement in Manufacturing

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With the widespread use of mobile technology in social settings, it is only natural that businesses use these same technologies in their own processes. After all, all of the benefits of mobile devices for personal use easily apply in the workplace. And yet, it isn’t uncommon for many manufacturing companies to operate with outdated technology and paper-based processes, ultimately slowing down their productivity, impeding safety practices and costing money.

Mobile apps for manufacturing

The average office employee in a manufacturing company goes through approximately 10,000 sheets of paper annually. At an average cost of $40 per case of paper, that is $80 per year on paper per employee. It also takes an employe an average of 18 minutes to locate a paper document, and 70% of businesses would fail within 3 weeks if all of their paperwork was lost due to unforeseen circumstances.

And yet, paper-based processes are still being used by a majority of businesses in the manufacturing which is contributing to the loss of productivity and assuming risk for the possible loss of information while incurring millions of dollars in unnecessary costs annually.

The growth of mobility in manufacturing

Mobility is making manufacturers more efficient, with a steady growth of uses for mobile technologies, with plans to grow their use over the next 5 years.

  • 85% of manufacturing companies plan to use mobile communication more with suppliers, customers and partners
  • 70% plan to use it more to track, communicate and execute transactions with employees
  • 65% plan to use mobile technologies to better track the location of assets and shipments

Additional uses for custom mobile apps in manufacturing

Employee visibility

In the manufacturing industry, there is a great benefit to be able to track employees. With custom mobile apps, you can track employees as often as necessary, sending push notifications for updates as needed. And, in the event of an emergency or incident, instant reporting allows supervisors and management to know where employees are, what has happened and what needs to be done to resolve the issue immediately.

Accurate information in real-time

Tracking productivity can be cumbersome with paper-based processes, but with custom mobile apps, you can create accurate data collection that is available in real time. Simplify business processes with custom forms that include required fields and use these reports to analyze information quickly and easily.

Quality control and compliance

Manufacturing facilities require inspectors to perform quality checks of products, plant safety and compliance at work sites. The implementation of custom mobile apps increases the accuracy of the collected data and assurance that inspections have been completed thoroughly and reported in a timely fashion. With date and time stamps, inspections are easy to manage, so you know your manufacturing business is in compliance with regulations, safety standards and expected quality of products.

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