Mistakes to Avoid with your Mobile Awareness and Engagement Strategy

Mistakes to Avoid with your Mobile Awareness and Engagement Strategy
November 3, 2015 scoopmae

Mistakes to Avoid with your Mobile Awareness and Engagement Strategy

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When investing in a mobile awareness and engagement strategy, it needs to work. The top reason that businesses give up on going mobile is that something went wrong and it was easier to revert back to their familiar paper processes. But with proper planning and this list, you can prevent the mistakes before they happen, ensure a successful rollout of custom mobile apps and digital data collection and ditch the cumbersome paperwork.

Don’t guess when it comes to needs

Before you find the right solution, you need to know the problem — and assumptions about your organization’s needs won’t cut it. Detail exactly what it is you want to achieve and how you can achieve it. Once it is defined, you can go forward, find the solution and plot out your process, but not before that. In many cases, even a great plan can fail when it goes from theory into practice, but by identifying what you need and where it could go wrong, you can be prepared.


Don’t take network connectivity for granted

You may typically have excellent network connectivity at most, if not all, of your jobsites, but don’t take that for granted. Even in the best office environments, the internet can fail, so in the field it is likely there will be periods without network access. When you go mobile, your field techs will rely on their mobile forms to complete tasks and those forms must be accessible whether there is connectivity or not. Ensure your solution allows offline access and auto synchronization when reconnected for ease-of-use and reliability.

Don’t skimp on training

You may be rolling out a platform using mobile devices that your employees are already using, but do not ignore the need to train your employees fully on the new procedures. It is essential that your employees be savvy and actively engaged with using their mobile device and the new platform to successfully deploy your new processes. One of the biggest risks of taking on a new mobile strategy is that your employees will avoid using something they are not comfortable with and attempt to go about their regular routines, which will lead to failure. Be sure your apps are user friendly, but also go above and beyond in training your techs.

Don’t forget anyone

One of the most common mistakes we see is that companies fail to effectively implement their strategy at all levels. While it is important that your field engineers, inspectors, and labourers know what they are doing with the new platform, you have other departments who will be receiving the submissions and analyzing the reports. Be sure middle management or human resources are aware of their responsibilities and are comfortable with these new duties to acquire the buy-in you need for success.

The key to making mobile awareness and engagement strategies work is to create a framework with clear goals and methodology already established. By avoiding these pitfalls, you can ensure your paperless processes lead to the productive and profitable business you are reaching for.

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