Monitor and improve mining safety.

Meet the challenges of maintaining compliance and safety standards from any iOS, Android or desktop device.

Monitor Mining Practices, Meet Recommendations

The mining industry is under constant scrutiny to monitor and improve safety in what is an undeniably hazardous workplace. Ensuring safety standards are met can be simplified with mobile applications that encourage employees to communicate with head office.

The Scoop platform is intuitively built, making implementation an easy process from head office to field operations.

Mine safety is your priority. Protect employees and minimize risk.

The mining industry is faced with the constant challenge of protecting employees, minimizing operational risk and maintaining compliance. Access real-time reports and monitor safety standards of remote locations from anywhere with Scoop®.

 Ensure real-time, high fidelity reporting of hazards and unsafe working conditions across mine properties and work areas

Optimize incident management with customized forms allowing you to monitor, manage, respond and track incidents as they happen

Easily analyze data with graphical analytics that allow you to recognize incident patterns and trends


Reduce incident and near-miss reporting response times with instant mobile reporting

Minimize compliance risks with effective reporting and incident management

Operate without a network connection to record issues and add media and comments and synchronize when a connection is available

The Scoop platform can keep your mining operation safe and efficient


Industry leaders are finding new efficiencies in communication, a better flow of data and a stronger connection between workers in the field and in analysis.

Create a culture of open communication and easy access to data, one that will empower the members of your organization to not only excel in their roles, but feel like they are making a contribution.

Book your demo of the Scoop platform today and learn how your company is going to be better for it.