Fast track your facility.

Analyze time wasting procedures and streamline processes to enhance productivity in your organization.


Optimize efficiency and productivity in manufacturing

Further automate your manufacturing processes with mobile engagement and awareness software that allows your to collect data, manage tasks and optimize workplace operations. Maximize the power of your reports with analytics compiled in real-time.

The Scoop platform is intuitively built, making implementation an easy process from head office to field operations.

Discover the true production potential of your company

With online and offline capabilities, collect production data at anytime in any location in your facility. Customize forms and give access to employees in an easy-to-use application that can be accessed on any device with Scoop®.

Collect and centralize information from many sources throughout your facility to monitor productivity

 Easily complete safety, environmental and quality inspections on-site with customized forms, approval and review workflows

 Standardize processes and reporting to ensure sitewide consistency and application of best practices

 Receive real time alerts and access high-fidelity information about issues and trends to make timely, informed decisions

Monitor data with graphical analytics to recognize time-wasting processes and incident trends

The Scoop platform gives you access to your production at any time, from anywhere.


Industry leaders are finding new efficiencies in communication, a better flow of data and a stronger connection between workers in the field and in analysis.

Create a culture of open communication and easy access to data, one that will empower the members of your organization to not only excel in their roles, but feel like they are making a contribution.

Book your demo of the Scoop platform today and learn how your company is going to be better for it.