Make your Field Engineer’s Life Easier with Mobile Awareness and Engagement

Make your Field Engineer’s Life Easier with Mobile Awareness and Engagement
August 31, 2015 scoopmae

Make your Field Engineer’s Life Easier with Mobile Awareness and Engagement


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When it comes to employees, field engineers are a bit different than most. They are often off site, managing their own workload and are typically managed with a “No news is good news” mentality. Tracking their time can be difficult and asking them to report in from every call can be cumbersome for both you and your field techs. But with the use of mobile awareness and engagement, you can communicate with your field engineers and they can report back to you after every task from their smartphone or tablet. Just a few quick screen swipes and everyone is happy.

Accurate and consistent data

There is nothing worse than trying to gather consistent and accurate information with paper-based processes that allow for miscommunication and left out data. When you create a custom mobile form, you can ensure that custom required fields prompt your field techs to provide detailing reports with all necessary information — no more chasing people down for translation of handwriting or missing data.


The best feature of the right mobile solution is the ability to use the platform on a variety of devices. That means it doesn’t matter if your field engineer is using an iPhone or Android mobile device, or if those back at the office are accessing the software from a PC or Mac — it all works just as well. So, there is no need to worry about replacing mobile devices, your field techs can use whatever device they are already comfortable with, making implementation much simpler and cost effective.

Reporting made easy

If your field engineer only reports to the office occasionally, collecting and analyzing reports from job sites can take days, if not weeks. There is no need to wait for your employees to stop by the office and turn in their paperwork when they can just collect their data digitally and report back instantly. Not only will you save time, but you are able to better track the productivity of your technicians to ensure time in the field is efficient and well-spent.

No More Connectivity Woes

When your field techs are on a jobsite, network connectivity may suffer. This does not have to affect the ability to access custom mobile forms or report incidents and track tasks. Be sure to invest in and implement a mobile solution that allows users to sync when they a have network connectivity and to access forms when offline. And try to find a solution that will sync on its own, so your field engineer doesn’t have to worry if they forget!

No matter what projects your field engineers are completing, a customizable mobile application will allow you to streamline your work processes, ultimately making your field technicians’ lives easier.

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