Integrate Mobile Awareness and Engagement into your Construction Company

Integrate Mobile Awareness and Engagement into your Construction Company
September 14, 2015 scoopmae

Integrate Mobile Awareness and Engagement into your Construction Company

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Has your construction company decided that it is time to eliminate paper-based processes and benefit from mobile awareness and engagement? Construction companies worldwide are seeing dramatic improvements in productivity and profitability by integrating custom mobile apps into their daily data collections and reporting systems.

Deciding to implement enterprise mobility solutions into your construction company’s methods is an excellent first step, but this cannot be effective without a thoughtful and managed roll-out of new procedures to improve your processes. Use these tips to ensure you integrate mobile awareness and engagement software effectively to better your business practices.

Invest in the right technology

The first step in implementing your new digital data collection strategy is ensuring your project teams have convenient access to data and information, which means investing in the right technology for your employees, be it smartphones, iPhones, tablets or iPads. If your employees have access to all important project data, forms and reporting software, accessible on the cloud, you eliminate lost hours going back and forth from an on-site trailer and the lengthy submission process, getting paperwork from a jobsite to the office. A centralized, digital record reduces the possibility of losing critical information and increases accountability throughout the company. You will never hear, “I didn’t receive the paperwork” again.

Require daily field reports

The most important aspect of a well-run project is the ability to send and receive daily field reports, when and where the job is taking place. Roll out a mobile solution and requires your team members on site to collect and sync all necessary data with the office so that your project managers do not have to waste time making phone calls that can be replaced with mobile forms. By creating custom apps that send push notifications to the necessary employees, reminding them to complete necessary forms and including custom mandatory fields, you can ensure that head office is able to easily track and manage projects in real-time, allowing better and timely decision making.

Take notes of where and when changes and issues take place

Allow your employees to take notes, markup changes, take pictures and video and add voice notes to reports to pull all data together into a single record that can clarify reporting and track issues. By using an iPad, tablet or mobile phone, your on-site supervisor can pull up previously recorded data and add media to ensure full understanding for those back in the office who cannot see what is happening at a job site. By using a mobile device’s camera to take note of all issue details and integrated time stamps, there are no discrepancies of where or when an incident takes place. And if someone else comes into the project later, they can easily see where things are when they enter.

Leverage the power of mobile awareness and engagement within your construction company to improve accuracy, productivity and profitability on all projects. When you follow these best practices, you will quickly witness the benefits and see a long-lasting impact on your organization’s success.

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