Improve Distribution with Custom Mobile Apps

Improve Distribution with Custom Mobile Apps
September 8, 2015 scoopmae

Improve Distribution with Custom Mobile Apps

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Distribution companies are seeing the benefits in leveraging custom mobile apps to replace paper work with customizable mobile forms for effective reporting of deliveries, inspections and incidents. By being able to build a custom app in minutes, it is easy to see the value of investing in a mobile solution that will ultimately save you time and money. There are a number of uses that distribution organizations have implemented to better their business practices — here are a few:

Real-time billing

A common painpoint for distribution companies is the timeline for billing customers. Job tickets need to be submitted with all necessary information and photos and then supervisors must read over and approve before sending an invoice. With paper-based processes, it is necessary to organize and file job tickets and translate handwriting. It can take up to two weeks to invoice customers.

Digital data collection and reporting makes it easier to submit, find, track and process job tickets. Reports can be filtered by ticket type, customer name or employee. It is easy for head office to understand and process all distribution in real-time and send invoices out in a more timely manner — which means getting paid faster!

Improved data collection

In order to properly bill customers, specific customer details need to be submitted on job tickets — something that can lead to human error. With custom mobile apps, you can capture information accurately the first time with automatic time and date stamps to better track productivity. And with accurate information comes the ability to analyze time usage, delivery processes, incident occurrences and profitability.

Better customer service

In the distribution industry, customer service is a number one priority, but paper forms don’t translate into excellent service. When human error or delays occur because of paper-based processes (as mentioned above), customers have to wait for information. With deliveries, customers appreciate being presented with digital data collection with modern mobile devices instead of paper. And being able to provide your customers with real-time information allows projects to close more quickly — customers want details quickly and with custom mobile apps, you can provide pertinent information in a day.

Ability to scale with your business

As you roll-out your mobile strategy, your business can and will grow. The right mobile solution will have the flexibility to scale with your business. It is easy to add or remove fields in your custom forms, create custom apps as the needs arise and rely on your platform’s IT department to help you best implement features. Some businesses are choosing to build custom apps in-house to meet their specific needs, but the right platform will not only meet your needs, but save you time and money in redevelopment costs as your needs change. The right mobile software partner has the foresight to help you as you grow without the need to rebuild your solution every time.

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