Automate Field Reporting. Streamline Communication.

Scoop helps field project and services companies effecitively identify, report and resolve issues to boost service quality, productivity and profitability.


Bring the Field and Office Closer Together

No two field projects are the same, each requiring customization and configuration to meet the client’s specific needs. Address your project data collection and support needs head-on and empower your team to gather and communicate clear, real-time data, access remote help and get organized with projects, issues and priorities.

The Scoop platform is intuitively built, making implementation an easy process from head office to field operations.

Access to your employees and office from anywhere

Bring your field engineers into the office with a high fidelity, real-time network, allowing your team to stay coordinated and work together to efficiently resolve issues regardless of location or time with Scoop®.

Analytics allow you to monitor data to recognize patterns and trends to put an end to recurring issues and wasted time 

Track issues to resolution with real-time communication and easy recruitment for assistance and advice 

Automate and streamline field reporting with custom apps, built in minutes 

Easy-to-use app that responds to the needs and pressures faced by field engineers, project managers and sales professionals

Use app templates with standard fields to acquire all the data you need and divide project work into logical groups

Track issues to resolution with real-time communication and easy recruitment for assistance and advice

Access to your employees in the field from any where at any time


Industry leaders are finding new efficiencies in communication, a better flow of data and a stronger connection between workers in the field and in analysis.

Create a culture of open communication and easy access to data, one that will empower the members of your organization to not only excel in their roles, but feel like they are making a contribution.

Book your demo of the Scoop platform today and learn how your company is going to be better for it.