Fuelled by experience and passion.

The Scoop team is made up of leaders who spent years running industry operations, saw the challenges and decided there was a better way.

Experience the world class features of Scoop®.

Scoop® MAE is committed to making your processes easier with features and functionality that will transform the way you do business.

Created by former field professionals, project managers and sales engineers, Scoop® has the features needed to achieve a balance between clearer communication and organized workflows. Our dauntless pursuit of the perfect user experience has resulted in software that is described by our customers as refreshingly intuitive, natural and nimble.

Configurable Mobile Forms

Scoop® lets you turn any paper-based form into a mobile, digital form in minutes equipped with integrated field pictures, commenting and more.

Easily customize our software for your organization with the graphical point-and-click interface to build forms using our intuitive drag-and-drop menu.

Integrated Collaboration

Scoop® helps to keep all team members looped in on a project in real-time through fast and easy communication. Scoop is not just about helping you collect data but to make it intuitive to discuss issues and improve your business.

Solve the challenge of coordinating calls or same-time meetings with Scoop®’s easy-to-use crew invitation and commenting features so team members can share, communicate and solve problems in real time.

Offline Availability

Network connectivity isn’t available at all worksites, but that doesn’t mean your team can’t use Scoop® to stay organized.

Access vital business information with Scoop®, even when your crew is outside network range. Forms completed in offline mode will automatically sync with the cloud when you get back online.

Flexible Export and Reporting

With Scoop® you can eliminate the time consuming task of manually collecting and filtering data for custom reporting.

Advanced filtering allows you to query the Scoop® database while data export and porting lets you generate and download the data as flat files or custom formatted PDF reports.

Configurable Workflows

Create and facilitate a complete workflow process with real-time collaboration and reporting with Scoop®.

Go beyond form data collection to automate the review, approval, task assignment and notification processes for your business using Scoop®’s point-and-click workflow editor.

Configurable Analytic Dashboard

Often, invaluable insights that could transform your operations lie hidden in massive data archives.

Scoop® enables your team to gather fine-grained, high quality data in one place with Scoop®’s built-in tools to explore and visualize this data.  Have a key business questions in mind? Head over to the Analytics Dashboard builder, drag and drop a few selections and watch your data come to life.

Experience the technology that is fundamentally changing the way companies use data.