Developing a Long-Term Strategy for your Enterprise Mobility Solution

Developing a Long-Term Strategy for your Enterprise Mobility Solution
October 14, 2015 scoopmae

Developing a Long-Term Strategy for your Enterprise Mobility Solution

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Your new mobile solution should be one that encompasses business, technology, projects, employees and processes into one easy strategy. When you integrate mobility into your system and eliminate paper, you need to ensure your new strategy aligns with your business goals, helps to achieve both short- and long-term goals and provides procedures with best practices for successful implementation.

Without a long-term strategy in mind, you will have no way of measuring or ensuring a successful rollout or lasting results. Follow these steps to ensure you are implementing a solution that will work for years to come.

What are your business goals?

Define the purpose of eliminating paper-based processes within your organization. What are high-priority goals and what type of custom mobile apps will help to reach these goals? Talk to your mobile solutions partner to learn more about all of the ways mobile forms and apps can help reach these goals.

Follow a roadmap

After defining your business goals, find the right mobile solution to reach them. Consider the key benefits, functions and priorities of different enterprise mobility apps to create a mobile roadmap to meet your goals.

Analyze workflows

You are implementing a digital strategy to replace an existing paper-based workflow. Complete a comprehensive analysis of the existing process before you mobilize to ensure you don’t leave out any essential steps. This will also help to understand the impact of going mobile for your organization.

Set out a mobile budget

Implementing an enterprise mobile strategy is about more than investing in the right software. You have to ensure your employees have the appropriate technology to work on. If you are already using smartphones, tablets, iPhones or iPads in your workplace, cut the cost of replacing hardware by finding a solution that works across many platforms.

Test before you fully deploy

Choose one specific process for mobile opportunity and test the platform and strategy to see how employees interact. Analyze and document each step to recognize the successful aspects and any painpoint that arise. Fine-tune your strategy based on these experiences and then expand to more processes.

Evaluate and review

Once you have fully deployed your new mobile strategy, constantly monitor and assess based on the feedback from employees. Correct any issues immediately to ensure success and schedule regular reviews for each process.

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