Collect Data Instantly.

From the field to the office, Scoop makes it intuitive to collect and report data.

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Manual data entry is slow and cumbersome.

Multiple points of manual data entry and disconnected processes slow down reporting and pose potential threats to business operations. Frontline and field staff are being held back by inefficient tools, and facility operators aren’t receiving the information quickly enough to optimize productivity. Risk is up, cost is up, and downtime is up.

Scoop provides an efficient, central
reporting solution.

Glue the pieces together to create one cohesive data collection machine. The easier and more enjoyable it is to use, the fewer lapses in reporting you’ll experience, and you’ll find that data becomes much more reliable.


Accurate data capture:

Because it’s designed as a mobile-first solution, you can take Scoop anywhere. Information is always at your fingertips–no internet connection necessary!


Instant uploads:

Immediately send data back to the office; it’s automatically saved and backed up for you. Spend more time on mission critical tasks, and less time trying to share reports.


Streamline Communication

Alert your team instantaneously to work together to work together to complete tasks and resolve problems as they arise. All communication is saved in one convenient place — easily get team members caught up without email chains!


User-friendly interface:

With Scoop’s easily configurable apps, completing and submitting forms, checklists and other reports is quick and enjoyable. You’ll immediately see an increase in the accuracy of your data.

Now it’s your turn to see what powerful data collection can do.


Scoop’s real-time reporting will make a world of difference to your business. Book a demo, and you’ll see for yourself why this platform is a game-changer.