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From the field to the office, submit and receive reports immediately.

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Communication between field and facility can be challenging.

When employees aren’t in the same room, it can be slow and difficult to share and interpret data correctly. Poor communication hinders progress, and as time ticks between a question and a response or approval, productivity, quality, and safety suffers.

Scoop unites teams in real-time.

The less time employees spend trying to fix communication failures, the more time they can focus on mission critical tasks and save the business money. Team members at Point A should be able to immediately communicate issues to the team at Point B.


Real-time collaboration:

Scoop facilitates instant communication and supports the entire workflow life cycle; from field team to facility manager to CEO, you choose the individuals to include.


Instant uploads:

Immediately send data back to the office; it’s automatically saved and backed up for you. Spend more time on mission critical tasks, and less time trying to share reports.


Instant notifications:

Keep stakeholders in the loop with automated reminders, and receive alerts for new comments, due dates, task tracking and more.


Team-wide task tracking:

Notice an issue or something needing attention? Add a task in context
of the data and track across projects or facilities to completion.

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