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  • 5 Ways Mobile Technology is Empowering Leaders in Wind Energy

    Rapid industry growth and intensifying competition are pushing wind energy leaders to adopt new innovative technologies to run their operations. With today’s practical mobile work app platforms you can now bring the benefit of these technologies to your company.

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  • Mistakes to Avoid with your Mobile Awareness and Engagement Strategy

    When investing in a mobile awareness and engagement strategy, it needs to work. The top reason that businesses give up on going mobile is that something went wrong and it was easier to revert back to their familiar paper processes. But with proper planning and this list, you can prevent the mistakes before they happen, ensure a successful rollout of custom mobile apps and digital data collection and ditch the cumbersome paperwork.

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  • Stay Compliant with Mobile Checklists

    All industries have their own compliance regulations that are in place to ensure safe workplaces and practices. The best way to ensure your organization follows these regulations and remains compliant is to streamline your practices. One of the most important tools in staying compliant is to implement mobile checklists to stay organized. They help you systematically ensure that your procedures are clear and effective and can be created in a way that is easy for your employees to access and complete. And because checklists are not all created equally, the ability to easily customize your mobile checklists is essential.

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  • The Cost of Paper Processes

    If your business is still based on filling out paper forms, you are losing money. With custom mobile forms taking the place of many, if not all, paper-based processes, it helps to know the return on investment of going paperless. Of course, using paperwork to report incidents, tasks and inspections, for example, is outdated. It is undeniably an inefficient and costly way to do business. But what is the real ROI for switching to paperless processes? We have some data to help you get buy-in from the finance department to make the leap and invest in a mobile solution that will not only increase workplace efficiency, but ultimately save your company money.

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  • Developing a Long-Term Strategy for your Enterprise Mobility Solution

    Your new mobile solution should be one that encompasses business, technology, projects, employees and processes into one easy strategy. When you integrate mobility into your system and eliminate paper, you need to ensure your new strategy aligns with your business goals, helps to achieve both short- and long-term goals and provides procedures with best practices for successful implementation. Without a long-term strategy in mind, you will have no way of measuring or ensuring a successful rollout or lasting results. Follow these steps to ensure you are implementing a solution that will work for years to come.

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