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Inconsistent, manual data entry turns into analytical problems.

Data from different entry points often needs to be manually entered and combined, which leaves the door wide open to human error. The process is drawn-out, and it’s challenging if not impossible to guarantee accuracy. Analyzing information might require multiple spreadsheets, and can take hours–if not days or weeks–to complete. Stale data is often unusable data.

Scoop automatically streams data into a powerful analytics engine.

The less time employees spend trying to fix communication failures, the more time they can focus on mission critical tasks and save the business money. Team members at Point A should be able to immediately communicate issues to the team at Point B.


Automatic uploading:

High-quality data filters directly into Scoop’s analytics engine, which you can access from anywhere, anytime. Everything is organized and filed so it’s easy to find what you need later


Visual dashboards:

Bring to light patterns and trends hidden in data, even if you aren’t technologically savvy. The intuitive dashboard builder gives you a powerful tool to visualize and explore the data in just a few clicks.


Detailed data:

Scoop’s powerful analytics tool gives you hundreds of ways to look at the numbers, set benchmarks and monitor progress. From field staff to company executives, you’ll be able to access both high-level and detailed data to support decision-making.


Full Integration:

Send data collected using Scoop to your existing systems of record. Whether you adopt Scoop as your exclusive field-to-facility communication system or as an add-on to your current processes and technology, the platform will smoothly complement any system.

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