Mobile Field & Facility Process Automation Software

Scoop’s mobile platform automates workforce-intensive Field and Facility processes.

Guide employees to carry out the right steps, Collect the right data, Feed fresh data into your systems.


How is Scoop transforming Field and Facility businesses?

Even high-performing companies are at risk of experiencing fragmented processes and incomplete data. With the increasing numbers of mobile workers both traditional field workers and telecommuting managers, Scoop is extending the reach of software to where employees are.

Think of Scoop as a hard-working assistant that fits in your pocket.

  • Use it to collect or send data from the field or from the floor.
  • Communicate with the team and pull real-time reports.
  • Enjoy best-in-class, reports and graphical analytics

With this cloud-based, portable solution, you’ll see improvements to workplace efficiency and productivity start to happen from the palm of your hand.

quote_open Scoop has helped us tremendously boost our organization’s awareness and responsiveness. It’s not just another data repository but it’s actually driving employee activity and engagement in safety and productivity. quote_closed


Get the Scoop Difference

Scoop was built by Field and Facility professionals, for Field and Facility professionals.
We don’t just speak your language, we’re fluent in it.

Process-centric, performance-driven.

Driving performance demands more than individual apps that address standalone elements like mobile documents. Scoop’s integrated, process-centric solution supports the entire workflow lifecycle from from field report to Annual Report. Less downtime combined with better operational knowledge means less risk, more cost-savings and better performance for your company.

Get better performance through engagement.

Scoop optimizes workflow from start to finish by giving Field and Facility operators the tools they need to complete everyday tasks anywhere they are, accurately and quickly. Scoop virtually eliminates time-consuming administration, minimizes human error, and helps team members get more engaged with their work – and its outcomes…

Use the system built by industry experts.

Scoop was built by Field and Facility professionals, for Field and Facility professionals. We understand the complex demands of your environment today – and where it’s heading tomorrow. We don’t just speak your language, we’re fluent in it


People First Technology transforming 
Field + Facility Operations.



Configurable, Reliable Technology

Scoop captures your data, even when there’s no network connection. This means there’s no downtime or communication delays. With automatic, high quality data transfers, its powerful analytics engine allows you to create benchmarks, manage risks and define strategies with confidence.


Instant, Relevant Communication

Quickly capture and share critical issues from a noisy manufacturing floor or remote field arena. Scoop’s communication tools make it easy to share information and issues with your team members faster & more reliably than ever.


Easy To Use

Work happens anywhere: in the field, the facility, and the office. A mobile-first design acknowledges that stationary computers no longer accommodate the demands of a modern Field and Facility environment. Scoop’s drag-and-drop app-builder is easy to use (no programming skills required) and streamlines disconnected, paper-based procedures.


Enterprise-Grade Platform

Scoop can be fully integrated into your existing systems, and will complement your current methods of record. With unlimited storage, world-class hosting and bank-grade security, we can handle the volume and security requirements of even the largest companies.

Are you ready to revolutionize the way you do business?